The story of the Si Gaoithe or ‘Fairy Wind’ (pronounced: She Gwee) is not particularly spooky but it has been told many times and actually witnessed time and time again throughout the Irish landscape.

The most famous of the stories tells of a woman, Mrs. Hayes, who was taken by fairies while she was out milking her goat. When the fairies returned her they told her that she only had a few minutes to reveal a warning to her husband, Tom.

A few days prior to the incident, Tom had been cutting trees near a fort. The fairies have now warned Tom that if he didn’t re-plant trees at the fort, his wife would be taken….and this time for good! He had until the following Friday to complete the task. As soon as the warning was delivered, the Si Gaoithe entered the house and took Mrs. Hayes off her feet and away.

Tom immediately took heed to the warning and planted the trees. He went to the meeting place on the Friday night and there stood a white horse carrying a tall man. His wife was also be his side. The tall man uttered “Tom, take your wife and never again repeat what you have done. Also, if your wife opens her mouth to tell you what she saw while she was away we will come and take her again”.

This story is one of the many that has been shared throughout the generations. Many people report seeing small whirlwinds in the Irish countryside sweeping up dust and flowers and it is said that this is a warning to people.