Ok! Before we get into this spooky legend we must take a look at the name….Pooka.

There are many different spellings, for example, Puka, Phuca, Plica, Pookha. These are all acceptable.

Now, what is it?
A Pooka is a shape-shifter that is commonly seen in the form of a dog, goat, rabbit or even an old man. There have been many tales of the Pooka appearing in the form of a dark horse with golden eyes. The Pooka is also among the most feared Faerie as it only appears at night creating mischief.

Every county in Ireland has its own unique tale of the Pooka. In many of Ireland’s mountainous regions small lakes can be found and these lakes are called ‘Pooka Pools’ or ‘Pollaphuca’ which means ‘Demon Lake’. Pookas are known to have a very light hearted and gentle side to their nature. Many tales tell of Pookas stopping and chatting with random people offering them sound advice.

November 1st is known rurally as ‘Pooka Day’ and it is a tradition for farmers who harvest on this day to leave some stalks behind. These stalks are an ‘offering’ to the Pooka and a way to keep the good relations them and humans.

Rainfall on a sunny day, which is very common in Ireland, is a sign that the Pooka will be active on the same night….so be on the lookout!