Skulls in St. Michan's

We visited St. Michan’s Church in 2017 but unfortunately we were not granted permission to carry out a paranormal investigation.

The church was founded in 1095 and for almost 600 years it was the only church on the Dublin’s north side. The present structure was constructed in 1685 and renovations began in 1825. The interior has changed very little and still contains the original organ. Another notable artefact is the Penitant’s Desk, commissioned in 1724 and used for public confession.

Bodies in St. Michan's Church

Five long burial vaults run beneath the structure and they contain the remains of some of Dublin’s most influential families from 1600 to 1800. The death mask of Wolfe Tone, one of Ireland’s most famous rebel leaders of the 1798 rebellion and the coffins of rebels John and Henry Sheares. The most visible mummies lie in opened coffins at the end of one of the vaults. One of these mummies measures 6.5ft and dates back to the crusades 800 years ago, making him a giant in his day! Another mummy, nicknamed ‘The Thief’, lies next to the ‘Giant’ and has had his feet and right forearm cut off. This was more than likely a punishment.

Many visitors to the vaults report the eerie feeling of being watched with others hearing whispers near the opened caskets. Others report being touched by ‘unseen hands’!

Bram Stoker, Dracula’s creator, is said to have visited the vaults and his mother’s family plot lies nearby.