It is no secret that the island of Ireland is scattered with ancient ruins and if these ruins could talk they would tell tales of bloodshed and death!

I have decided to put a short post together with 2 of Ireland’s eeriest locations. These locations have tales of love and death and are well worth a visit!

#1: Ross Castle, Lough Sheelin, Co. Meath.

This building is famous, or infamous, for its tragic love story in the 16th century.

Built by Lord of Devon Richard Nugent, a.k.a. “the Black Baron” in 1533, his daughter, Sabrina, fell in love with a young man named Orwin, but their relationship was forbidden as Sabrina was English and Orwin was Irish.

After deciding to elope, they took a boat onto Lough Sheelin, but got into difficulty and Orwin ultimately lost his life.

Sabrina is said to haunt the corridors of  Ross Caste, with visitors asserting that her cries can regularly be heard in the early hours of the morning.

#2: Antrim Castle

Built between 1613 and 1662, the castle was destroyed by a fire in 1922 before being demolished in the 1970s.

Members of the public who have visited the gardens, on which the castle was built, have reported seeing the ghost of a young lady, who died during the aforementioned fire in the 20th century.