Loftus hall has a very turbulent history which has records of paranormal activity spreading across the centuries since its construction in 1350 by the Redmund family. The hall was built on the site of a 12th century castle which was constructed by a Norman Knight, Raymond Les Gros, who changed his name to Redmond to adopt a more Irish identity. The building then became known as the Redmund Hall until the 1650’s when it was handed to the Loftus family who were English planters.

Redmond Hall was now known as Loftus Hall.

Many stories are associated with Loftus Hall and there is none more sinister than the most famous legend that dates from 1766. Lord Tottenham had married Anne Loftus and the couple had two daughters – one called Elizabeth, and other also called Anne – but his wife became ill and died while those girls were still very young, and Tottenham took another wife to assist in the bringing up of his daughters.

Because of its location, Loftus Hall became very popular as a resting place for those that docked on the shores of the peninsula. It was during a storm that a stranger left his boat and made his way to the Hall where he was taken in. He stayed for longer than normal as the storm raged for days.

Lady Anne Tottenham found herself becoming close to the visitor during all this time, and they would spend many hours sitting and talking to each other in The Tapestry Room, before spending the nights playing cards with other members of the family and occasional visitors.

During one of these games, Lady Anne dropped a card, and leaned down to pick it up. She saw a cloven hoof, and began to scream. The stranger had been exposed as The Devil – he immediately disappeared through the roof in a ball of fire, leaving the family shocked in The Card Room, and Lady Anne in a trauma from which she would never recover.

Embarrassed by this, her family locked her away in the same room where she spent many hours with the stranger. She remained locked in this room until her death in 1775 and it is from there that her ghost is reputed to have haunted the house and surrounds ever since.

We paid a visit to Loftus Hall recently and partook in a guided tour as individual access is only granted by special permission of the owners. Many overnight paranormal vigils take place with prior arrangement.

Loftus Hall is well worth a visit!

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