Many tales exist of ghostly apparitions and eerie screams and cries that echo throughout the Irish landscape. The island of Ireland has a long and bloody history which has seen many battles including a Viking invasion and a long British occupation. Much of the bloodshed occurred as early as the 5th century which predates the arrival of the Norse invaders. You can navigate through some of Ireland’s most haunted locations using the following links or the navigation menu and please sign the guestbook….especially if you have some spooky tales to share. 

Kinnitty Castle:

Leap Castle:

Duckett’s Grove:

Hellfire Club:

Wicklow Gaol:

Loftus Hall:

Use the drop-down menu or the navigation bar to explore the haunted locations of Ireland. The list will grow as we gather more information and visit more places so don’t be disappointed if you think the list is too small.

Also, if you have visited a location that you think should be on this site please let us know and maybe one day we will get there!


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