Lismore Castle

This is not really a location of recorded paranormal activity but it is a location that has a very long history and I believe that it is places like Lismore Castle that deserve a bit more attention.

Our visit to Lismore Castle was a complete accident! Our initial plan was to visit Mount Melleray Abbey but this site caught our attention as we drove through the village of Lismore.

The location not only boasts a magnificent castle, it has probably the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen. 2 gardens (upper and lower) in total are located within the walls and offer spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

Built in 1185 by Prince John to guard the river crossing, the castle was originally occupied by Lismore Abbey.

In 1589, Lismore was leased and later acquired by Sir Walter Raleigh. Raleigh sold the property during his imprisonment for High Treason in 1602 to another infamous colonial adventurer, Richard Boyle, later 1st Earl of Cork.

Lismore Gardens

Not many reports of Paranormal Activity in the castle are documented but many visitors have said that they get an uneasy feeling while walking the gardens and a sense of ‘not being alone’. This location is definitely on our list of places to return to and maybe next time we will have some of our equipment!

Since 1752, Lismore Castle has been the home to the Dukes of Devonshire. It has a lovely view of the Blackwater Valley and beyond that the Knockmealdown Mountains. Today, the castle remains a private residence but the gardens are fully opened to visitors.