Situated just 5km from Kinnitty Castle and built by the O’Bannon clan in 1250 (approximately), Leap castle has seen many residents and many conflicts over the centuries and the location has also been the focus of many paranormal investigations including the American show ‘Ghost Adventures’.

Today it is occupied by it’s owner, Sean Ryan, and he granted us the free run of the castle with access to all areas including the ‘Bloody Chapel’ situated at the top of the Keep. Mr. Ryan is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the history of the castle and we enjoyed a very extensive history lesson during our visit. He has no problems chatting about the laughs and giggles of a girl that can be heard from time to time but he also spoke of an Elemental that also shares occupation.

The Elemental:

The Elemental is one of the most interesting spirits that reside at Leap Castle.  It is an entity that is shrouded in mystery and intrigue.  The first encounter of the entity is unknown but records stretch back for many years. One theory is that the entity was put there by the druids as protection for the site in the time before the castle was built but other theories suggest that the spirit was put in the castle to destroy it from the inside.

The Bloody Chapel:

As mentioned earlier, Mr. Ryan gave us full access to the castle which included the ‘Bloody Chapel’ which has a history of its own. Legend says that a priest was murdered by his brother while performing a mass area of the castle. Reports show that the priest has been seen many times in the chapel and especially in the stairway that leads to the room.

The Oubliette:

The Oubliette is located in the corner of the Bloody Chapel and it remains to be one of the most sinister features of the castle. The O’Carroll’s used this chamber as a dungeon for prisoners that were dying or already dead! The Oubliette is said to have been ‘cleaned’ of its contents by the Darby clan and it is recorded that 3 cartloads of human remains were removed. It is widely believed that this ‘disturbance’ of the dead resulted in many of the recorded hauntings that take place today at Leap Castle.

Our own investigation yielded very little results with only some minor EMF readings and we believe that this is due to the fact that it was the middle of the afternoon! When leaving the castle’s driveway we had no choice but to drive across Mr. Ryan’s lawn and immediately following this little short-cut our car lost all power and broke down. It must be noted that at the top of the lawn, and situated below a tree, is a memorial plate dedicated to the memory of a previous owner. Also our car was brand new and showed no issues when later tested on a diagnostics machine!  We are determined to return to the location before the end of the year.

Visits to the castle are easily organised and all one has to do is simply knock on the door! If Sean Ryan is home….he’ll simply invite you in.

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