The Hellfire Club sits at the summit of Montpelier Hill, Co. Dublin. The ruin is the focus of many legends and the location is shown as an object of occult activities including human sacrifice. Many reports of demonic apparitions have been passed down over the years and the location has been the focus of paranormal investigations including the wold famous American show ‘Ghost Adventures’.

The building was constructed by William Connolly on the site of a passage grave with a cairn on top and the original standing stone became the lintel of the Hellfire Club’s fireplace. People have suggested that the destruction of the cairn led to all the paranormal activity which is still being reported to this day.

The building was sold after Connolly’s death and it is reported that the site then became the meeting place of the Hellfire Club which was founded in 1735 by Richard Parsons who was known for his involvement in the occult. A lot of secrecy surrounded the members of the club and this led to widespread speculation that devil worshiping was being practiced. Reports have also noted that a place was set for the devil at each meeting in the hope that he would appear and this is the subject of one of the best known stories of the Hellfire Club. Legend states that during a card game at the club on of the players dropped a card on the floor. As he bent to pick up the card he noticed that one of the other players had cloven hooves instead of feet.

The back room of the building gives some very interesting EMF results. It must be noted that the entire area has no electricity supply so this can be ruled out as a form of interference.

EMF Reading Hellfire

EMF reader lights up Red in the backroom

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