Situated on the Carlow-Kildare border, Duckett’s Grove towers over the landscape and even from a distance looks eerie.

Duckett’s Grove was built around 1830 by William Duckett in an estate covering more than 5,000 acres (20 km2) of the County Carlow countryside, and was originally a two-storey Georgian country house. Beginning in 1818, it was redesigned in a castellated Gothic revival style by Thomas Cobden for John Davidson Duckett.

This location is a hive of activity and has been the focus of many paranormal investigation teams. We have visited the location on numerous occasions but special permission must be sought from the local county council for after dark access. On each of our visits we carried out EVP accompanied with the use of an EMF meter. Most of our EMF sessions take place in the basement of the ruins and the results never disappoint. It must be noted that almost the entire ruin is free from any electricity so this can be eliminated as a cause of interference with the reader.


The above image shows one of the many corridors in the basement of the ruin.

Most of the building was destroyed by fire in 1933 but over the following decades the tales of ghostly apparitions and the wail of a Banshee spread throughout the landscape. The legend of the Banshee has deep roots in Irish folklore and whoever is unfortunate enough to witness her wails is certain to find a death in the family soon after but the Duckett’s Grove Banshee has a different twist. Legend tells that this curse was placed in Duckett’s by the angry grieving mother of a young girl who had been having an affair with William Duckett and was riding on the estate when she fell from her horse. Visitors to the ruin have also reported hearing voices coming from what was formerly the kitchens and pantry. An apparition of a horse and carriage has also been reported at the entrance to the location. 

Duckett’s grove is open to the public free of charge but check in advance for opening and closing times as these time depend on the time of year.

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