I have always had an eerie interest in things that go bump-in-the-night but it is only recently that I have made it my business to look a little deeper into the strange and unexplained.

Paranormal Ireland started off as a fun hobby for us. We are a husband and wife team from Dublin and we simply get our kicks out of wandering through the ruins scattered across the Irish landscapes.

We must admit that most of the locations we visit are found by pure accident but we also plan some of our paranormal investigations which include staying overnight in spooky hotels. The very first place we stayed in was Kinnitty Castle in the Irish midlands which is internationally known for it’s hauntings. While on the visit to Kinnitty we took a trip to Leap castle which has been the focus of many paranormal groups over the years.

Many adventures lie ahead for us and we will do our best to share our experiences with you.

Please enjoy your visit to the site and please contact us if you have any questions/suggestions.


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