“Denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding”

The personal paranormal experiences of the owners of this website are documented here along with information regarding UFOs and Cryptozoology. Please note that some of the content on this site makes reference to cases outside of Ireland and I have included them for information purposes only. Use the buttons below to navigate to whatever takes your interest…..and please feel free to sign our guestbook. Please enjoy your stay.


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Many of the locations listed on this website have been visited by us and there are many more on our list of things-to-do. Please feel free to sign our guestbook and tell us  your thoughts and if you have an suggestions of places that we should document…please let us know!

It’s no secret that Ireland has a long and bloody past and it is this history that has led to the many tales of ghostly apparitions and other spooky tales throughout the land.

From satanic cults in the Dublin hills to a friendly and mischievous little girl in an Offaly hotel, this website will document some of Ireland’s most haunted locations. Every town-land and parish have their own stories to tell and we have had the pleasure of staying in some of the most haunted locations on the Island.

The word “Paranormal” is often associated with ghostly encounters but it is also used, to a lesser extent, in association with Ufology and Cryptozoology. Basically if something cannot be scientifically explained, it is Paranormal!

Please use the buttons below if you want to skip to the different Paranormal Categories on this site. We do our best to keep the website up to date and we try to work around our busy life….please keep checking in!

If you have any suggestion regarding places that we should visit please feel free to let us know by signing our guestbook…..please enjoy your visit.

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